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Abusive behavior

Abusive behavior

Each day I turn on the news, fully expecting to hear of another shooting someplace by some deranged killer. Yes, it’s almost a daily event somewhere in this country.

A while back I was having coffee when someone who wasn’t a regular showed up at our clutch. We always welcome newcomers. This man seemed different, however, because in the course of the conversations he wanted to argue about everything. I firmly believe that at some point he was going to be arguing for something he was against minutes before. He finally worked himself up to the point where he stormed off and the rest of us just sat and looked at each other.

There is little we can do with people like this, who need help but don’t want to be helped. I‘m not insinuating that he was capable of violent behavior, beyond what he showed that day, and there are always going to be people like this. But this coupled with a blatant disregard for human life, as we have never seen it before in history in this country, can be the breeding ground for a disaster.

Wives and girlfriends if you have an abusive spouse or friend get away from them. Too many times you put up with the abuse until it escalates into what happened in that sandwich shop last week in Cottage Grove. Maybe he is your meal ticket but getting beat up or killed for that makes no sense at all. If he follows you, call the police and demand they get involved and tell them you fear for your life. Don’t listen to the abusers excuses unless he agrees to get professional help and then tell him you will talk with him once he has proved he’s changed.

Mike Holst


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