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Mandates at what price?

I work with a lady who’s benefitting from Obama/Roberts care. That’s good. Some of it is good and beneficial. She can’t understand why I have objections to it. I’ll tell you in an illustration.

The American way is for the government to offer something with an option to refuse. If a person is drafted, they can opt out as a conscientious objector. Until now, the only mandates obligation has been taxes which only became mandates last century. In 2014, every man, woman and child and business, with no options, must report to the U.S. government they have health insurance. If a business can’t afford to cover its employees and must shut its door and go out of business, too bad (a tax, Mr. Roberts?)! If you act like you’re in a free country and refuse to pay your fine for not having health insurance, you get to go to jail, not collecting $200 if you go by “Go” (just taxes, right Mr. Roberts?) The British tried that in this country and had a revolution on their hands. Hold that thought.

What also bothers me is, if the government can get by with cramming health care down our throat, what’s next? By the way, after 55 years old, health options start to diminish! No “death panels,” just no coverage for certain medical procedures after a certain age. Thought you’d like to know, fellow baby boomers! Anyway, maybe the 2nd Amendment? Guns are a health risk, you know. And if you don’t comply, the government can fire and jail you as a tax! The Revolutionary War started over a tea tax.

In 1789 Thomas Jefferson warned that the judiciary if given too much power might ruin our Republic and destroy our rights. We’re seeing that today! That is my objection.

But some can, “Casting all your cares upon Him (Jesus); for He careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7. All can, if they want! Amen.

Stephen Heinecke


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