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China didn't steal jobs

No, China did not steal those jobs from us. Like all those once American companies who choose to call China their home it was greedy American business who handed them to her by using the Free Trade Act so 15 million-plus jobs got outsourced and countless companies. It also let them drop their union contracts. They headed for China they have and abundance of cheap labor plus fewer restrictions. This was a big loss to labor and also cut down all forms of taxes as it hurt the economy too. Pushed along by eight years of G. W. Bush, two wars, the big oil ripoff plus the worst financial scandal in our history. So where was Mr. Romney going to find 12 millions jobs? Those outsourced jobs and all those companies they are gone. Yes, gone like yesterday and gone like the ‘57 Cadillac gone and they ain’t coming back. They are gone like your hopes and dreams. They sailed away on the greedy winds of change. So our loss is China’s gain. We walk the dragon — how long he will reign so who do we blame? President Obama, not the winds of change. Things will never again be the same.

L.P. Schultes


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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