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Did not pick winners

Did not pick winners

My choices seem to have gone astray. However, I cannot forget that God has everything under control. He sometimes lets us follow our own paths whether it be in elections or other things.

If you think you hear thunder in the heavens, it may be the gathering of the horses of the army of the Lord to defeat evil. When the eagles seem to disappear they may be journeying to the Valley of Armageddon to feast upon the fallen army’s of the world.

Our eagle, which has represented America, and which all of our brave soldiers have died for seems also to have already departed and been replaced by Big Bird.

Will we stand with Israel? Or, simply turn our heads as was done in Libya when our embassy was attacked. Was this in line with our pride when we sing “God Bless America.”

But never fear this world is not my home, I’m just passin’ through. Is it possible that we as Christians can lose our joy by getting too attached to this world?

Daryl Bahma


Take the higher road

As hard as it is to accept losses in the election, we are only divided by politicians. They now have to work together for us to solve our common problems. We all want the same things and the biggest problem we all face as a world is climate change.

In Brainerd this year we suffered a lost maple syrup harvest, a lost snowmobile season, a lost wild rice season, and a tree killing drought. A five hundred year storm just missed us, but hit Duluth. We were flooded in the summer only to return to extreme drought again.

Billions have suffered loss of life, home, and belongings around the world. The global warming we’ve been warned about is getting a dangerous grip on our future health. We need to send a strong joint message from all citizens, those who are satisfied with the election and those of us not as satisfied. Climate change caused by human burning of fossil fuels must be dealt with by our government for our health and our children’s health.

Explorer Will Steger of Ely will show his findings of climate change on the polar ice caps with vivid photography, never before seen. This is an opportunity to learn about a problem more serious than jobs or debt, more deadly than abortion or war and more certain than a crooked politician.

The presentation will include solutions to the climate crisis that is causing more frequent larger storms like $50 billion Sandy. This event will send a message to the new Minnesota government that we all stand united on this and demand meaningful and timely action. The longer we wait the more expensive these bizarre weather anomalies will become and the less healthy we will be to solve them.

The program is Saturday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m., at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Baxter.

Neal Lesmeister


Thank you, veterans

It is not only at the anniversary of Veterans Day that we citizens should thank our men and women who did their duty, but also at any other time of the year.

Let us remember to thank them whenever or wherever we meet. For example, we have all had the opportunity, when we obviously see U.S. veterans wearing caps signifying their branch of service and the war. It is then that we walk up to them and thank them for their service to the country. The reaction is always a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, all too frequently they will say that no one of the public has ever thanked them. This is sad and needs to be remedied. However, they always respond with a kind word

showing that they appreciate the recognition—even if it is late.

We recall one Gulf War veteran visiting the Mt. Rushmore Memorial on the 4th of July weekend. While looking at the images of the Presidents in stone and with his young family standing there with him, we thanked him for his service. He was nearly speechless—almost in tears. He also had not been thanked before that. Also the thank-you was meaningful for his wife and children who kept the home fires going. Certainly families need to be shown that appreciation as well.

So, let us make efforts to thank our veterans and families not only this Veterans’ Day, but the other 364 also.

Judy and Fritz Bertelt


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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