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Take the higher road

As hard as it is to accept losses in the election, we are only divided by politicians. They now have to work together for us to solve our common problems. We all want the same things and the biggest problem we all face as a world is climate change.

In Brainerd this year we suffered a lost maple syrup harvest, a lost snowmobile season, a lost wild rice season, and a tree killing drought. A five hundred year storm just missed us, but hit Duluth. We were flooded in the summer only to return to extreme drought again.

Billions have suffered loss of life, home, and belongings around the world. The global warming we’ve been warned about is getting a dangerous grip on our future health. We need to send a strong joint message from all citizens, those who are satisfied with the election and those of us not as satisfied. Climate change caused by human burning of fossil fuels must be dealt with by our government for our health and our children’s health.

Explorer Will Steger of Ely will show his findings of climate change on the polar ice caps with vivid photography, never before seen. This is an opportunity to learn about a problem more serious than jobs or debt, more deadly than abortion or war and more certain than a crooked politician.

The presentation will include solutions to the climate crisis that is causing more frequent larger storms like $50 billion Sandy. This event will send a message to the new Minnesota government that we all stand united on this and demand meaningful and timely action. The longer we wait the more expensive these bizarre weather anomalies will become and the less healthy we will be to solve them.

The program is Saturday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m., at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Baxter.

Neal Lesmeister