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Thank you, veterans

It is not only at the anniversary of Veterans Day that we citizens should thank our men and women who did their duty, but also at any other time of the year.

Let us remember to thank them whenever or wherever we meet. For example, we have all had the opportunity, when we obviously see U.S. veterans wearing caps signifying their branch of service and the war. It is then that we walk up to them and thank them for their service to the country. The reaction is always a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, all too frequently they will say that no one of the public has ever thanked them. This is sad and needs to be remedied. However, they always respond with a kind word

showing that they appreciate the recognition—even if it is late.

We recall one Gulf War veteran visiting the Mt. Rushmore Memorial on the 4th of July weekend. While looking at the images of the Presidents in stone and with his young family standing there with him, we thanked him for his service. He was nearly speechless—almost in tears. He also had not been thanked before that. Also the thank-you was meaningful for his wife and children who kept the home fires going. Certainly families need to be shown that appreciation as well.

So, let us make efforts to thank our veterans and families not only this Veterans’ Day, but the other 364 also.

Judy and Fritz Bertelt