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Fiscal cliff

Fiscal cliff

I wanted to talk a little bit about the fiscal cliff our government faces.

So, with that in mind this letter is meant for our leaders in Washington. “Dear legislators, I want you all to take out a piece of paper and with the help of the revenue people write down the amount of money we have coming in next year. Now with the help of the people who pay the bills write down the amount of money that we need to pay those bills. Now subtract the bills from the revenue. What’s left over is what you get to spend. What’s that, you say? There is nothing left over. What does that say to you?”

We might get over this fiscal cliff safely. But were only going to be on a ledge for a while. Within two or three years, if we go on as we are, this country faces financial ruin of the type never faced before. The reason for this is because last year, and for many years previously, you chose to ignore that red ink when the arithmetic was done and borrowed more money.

In the real world, you can get loans no matter how bad your credit is, but when you don’t pay it back, people with baseball bats come and break your kneecaps.

When the government can’t pay its bills anymore and you can’t fund all of the programs you set up and things you promised people aren’t there, maybe no one is going to get their knees broken, but bad things will happen to this country.

The word fiscal means relating to financial matters. The word fiasco means something that is a complete failure. I’m not sure somebody didn’t make a typo when they talk about our government and money.

Mike Holst


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