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BHS yearbook adviser on paid leave

Seriously Dispatch?

Seriously, Dispatch?

Is that the best you can come up with for a guest editorial? The rantings, half-truths and misleading statistics of a disaffected voter?

Friday’s guest opinion is an embarrassment to your readers, and worse, a disservice to the writer.

The editorial board has a responsibility to vet the information it publishes to ensure that we are presented with facts, whether we like them or not. Unfiltered opinion is of no value in advancing healthy and productive public discourse. The sloppy editorial content that passes through your review process recently is no better than tabloid junk.

Aren’t there more relevant and important issues in our community that need to be discussed in that featured space?

Ought we be talking about how our community should and will adapt to the recent announcement of layoffs at the Wausau plant? Is our community prepared to facilitate the transit in of these workers in such a difficult economy?

Isn’t there something to be said about what the county sees is important as it initiates a rewrite of their water plan that will affect the future quality of our lakes and rivers? What does this planning effort mean for our local economy, businesses and quality of life?

Nothing to say about state law passed this last session that may result in a liquidation sale of public lands including many with lakeshore in Crow Wing County and elsewhere across the state? Are public lands important to our residents or do we take public lands for granted?

The Dispatch can fulfill an important and necessary role of stimulating informed debate of important issues in our community, as it once did. Step up and rediscover that responsibility.

Michael Duval


Punish sex offenders

Rape, child molestation and murder stay with the victims forever and they think the perpetrators of sex crimes are being punished for too long.

I think it should be an automatic death penalty for these people. With today’s investigation techniques and DNA evidence there is no excuse for keeping these people alive. They should be hung by their necks within 24 hours of their conviction.

Doug Francis


Have we gone mad?

Turning Thanksgiving Day into another day of shopping frenzy?

We should be spending the day giving thanks for the great abundance we have and the freedom to say a prayer of thanks for it.

Considering the way that our country is going, we may soon lose that freedom — others already have. Then it will be too late — even to shop!

Mrs. L. Lander


Thanks for the music

In this season of Thanksgiving, we should be happy for that which brings us joy. The Legacy Chorale is one of my “favorite things” as Julie Andrews sang in “The Sound of Music.”

Sunday’s concert at the lovely stained glass-windowed St. Francis Church in Brainerd provided a full audience an afternoon of musical pleasure.

I express my sincere gratitude to the 60 choir members who donate their time and talent in making the Legacy Chorale so great.

Danke, gracias, merci, tack, grazie and in just plain English, thanks!

Luann E. Rice


It’s happening

This year, for the first time, two states have legalized pot.

Explain to me how we can build a fence across the southern half of our nation and hire thousands of border guards to keep the stuff out and now you have the government’s permission to grow your own. Those two states are just the toe in the door. Many more will follow and then other drugs will be allowed. Yes, each day we slip another inch down that slippery slope to self-destruction and all in the name of personal freedom.

For many years I have written about this deterioration, and always with the hope that someday we would come to our senses and see what we are doing. But there comes a time when you realize that you’re spinning your wheels and things need to get a whole lot worse before they will get better. The problem with that is, there is always a tipping point. A place where coming back from where you ventured, is just not possible anymore. How far away is that tipping point? I don’t think anyone knows, and when we do find out it will probably be too late.

One of the disease’s all old people fear the most is dementia or Alzheimer’s. Why? Because it alters your mind and keeps you from thinking clearly or reasoning rationally. Everyone wants to be able to think clearly for themselves, yet each day millions of our people artificially dumb down themselves with drugs. Yes, they pay big money to make themselves stupid. They’ve been doing this for a long time but never before have government entities cooperated with them like this.

Is the battle lost? Not quite, but with another dose of apathy from the majority of us — it’s not far off.

Mike Holst


Inept administration

So the hearings drag on and we learn that Gen. Petraeus turned into a Democrat and immediately developed trouser troubles which distracted him from his sworn duty to protect American property, American territory and American lives. Ah, it’s too bad that Teddy could not be here to see this.

Meanwhile, another general, Attorney General Eric Holder neglects to inform President Obama that Petraeus is being investigated and that classified information has been leaked to and by one of several Army Camp tarts.

We also learn, after weeks of denials, obfuscations and outright lies, that President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and other Obama administrators, sipped their coffee and did nothing while watching, nearly in real time, our Benghazi compound being attacked and, overrun. Four Americans lost their lives as a direct result of the administration’s failure to fulfill its sworn duties.

There is plenty of blame to go around, much of which should fall squarely on those who voted for the least qualified, most inept commander in re-election mode ever.

Stephen A. Busch

Pequot Lakes

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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