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A nation divided

The country’s getting more and more divided. Today, party Republican/Tea Pot spokesman House Speaker John Bohner refused to be in the same photo with Kenyan Communist Muslim Democrat President “Hussein” Obama; you know — the one without a birth certificate?

The dreaded “fiscal cliff” is approaching. Politicians treat it more fearfully than the boogie man. Maybe it is. Hitting this “cliff” will cost middle-classes an estimated $2,200 a year. But if the cliff is in place only a month, it’ll cost one-twelfth of that, or about $180. So it’s not much in terms of cliff.

The nation’s two divisions are the wealthy, the filthy rich, the 1 percenters, the self-labeled “job-providers,” plus all those people who feel sorry for them and support them.

The other group is the working stiffs, the paycheck-to-paycheckers, the 89 year old lady my brother knows getting $389/month social security heating with wood and trying to make it on her own, the unemployed who weren’t “provided jobs,” the blocklayer forced to work to age 65 whose body currently has multiple locations of carpal tunnel and is now a “47 percent moocher” on Medicare.

The fight breaks down to this: who are you gonna side with?

Mr. Boehner feels sorry for the first group, those like “Mitt” Romney, another party Republican who collected (not ‘earned’!) $14 million last year alone, paid about $2 million taxes and refuses to pay an extra 3 percent taxes, or less than $1/2 million. A real whiner. “Take it from the poor!,” he says.

The second group includes people like Warren Buffett, saying he gets plenty of money. “Why should I pay 14 percent taxes when my secretary pays 30 percent?” Not at all a whiner.

Which group am I in? That’s who I should feel sorry for. I can either feel proud or ashamed of myself.

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