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Tired of left’s rants

Several recent “reader opinions” have expressed displeasure with Keith Hansen’s comments. I find his editorials to be thoughtful, well written, and a refreshing change from his predecessor’s policy of merely reprinting leftism such as that from the Washington Post.

It seems that the left wants to silence any ideas that are not in complete agreement with their bizarre positions, including the continued and accelerated spending sprees charged to the credit card of Little Jonnie and the rest of his kindergarten class.

Sandra Fluke, the 32 year college student darling of Obama and the Democratic convention who is expected to earn a starting salary of $165,000 next year shouldn’t expect little Jonnie to supply her with free prophylactics and others with at least one hand in the public till should take a long look in the mirror and give some thought to the ideas of Keith Hansen before ramming the other hand in that till.

Lefter whiners should also consider that there are far more important things than materialism. A wise person once said that “money should never be used to measure wealth.”

Obama’ s continued insistence on promoting the worst emotions in us, such as, jealousy, anger, animosity, bitterness, envy and greed is not leadership and does not serve this country well. Those in this country who do not blindly follow his direction are not the”enemy” as he has labeled them and seeking “ revenge” against them is an admission of his own ineptness.

Tom Borden


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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