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Today, the Minnesota Department of Natural Recourses (DNR) announced that the states moose population is in serious trouble and they are listing the moose as an animal of concern.

There are probably fewer than 5,000 left out of a once healthy population of over 20,000. They also announced though that there would be a season next year to hunt moose. Apparently the way they manage the herd is to hunt it to near extinction and then worry about how to save them.

The moose herd has been decimated by disease and hunting them only adds to their troubles. Does anyone besides me think that the fact they sell licenses to hunt moose, and the state gets money for those licenses, has any bearing on whether they close the season or not. If the season were closed now, there would be more moose to breed and multiply and make the herd healthy again, would there not? When the herd gets down to say two or one thousand that’s not many baby moose each year. Replenishing the herd will take lots of time.

Even the most enthusiastic moose hunters would see into this logic. Why can’t the DNR? If we hope to have a healthy herd again, we need to start now. The state can find something else to sell licenses to kill for a while. (Maybe a skunk season because it couldn’t stink anymore than the present set up.)

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