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Align our moral compass

These last few days have truly been difficult for our country and horrible for the people who were personally involved. We wonder how anyone could commit such a crime as this, especially against little kids. Every time something like this happens we hear what should be done, “so it won’t happen again.” The reality is that it does happen again and it will this time too.

Putting more control on guns won’t solve the problem. Limiting the number of rounds a weapon holds might decrease the number of victims but there will still be times like this.

Guns are not the problem, people are, all of us. We have allowed our country to lose it’s moral compass. A compass always points in the same direction unless something interferes with it. It helps to keep a person from getting lost. We have allowed many things to disrupt our moral compass. Our compass points in any direction it pleases because it is not oriented on the One who knows the way. Taking something away is

not the answer, we need to put something back in. We need the teaching we used to receive before the Bible and the ten commandments were outlawed. Jesus said, “love God and love people” but a person has to learn to love from the one who is love, get our moral compasses pointing in the right direction and what we have endured these last days will begin to decrease.

Gary Peterson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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