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More than guns

More than guns

With all of the discussion in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy I think it is unfortunate that the majority of the proposed changes revolve around gun control. While I agree that we certainly should consider controlling large magazines for guns that make this mass killing too easy. And we should also consider eliminating the assault-style gun that is unnecessary in civilian life. And, yes, we should not allow civilian populations to have body armor or armor penetrating bullets.

However, there are other topics that must be considered if we are to get some sense of civility and safety back in our culture. We have had guns in civilian hands before the formation of this nation, but only recently have we seen this type of brutal behavior. It is not the guns, but it is guns in a culture, and a loss of respect for human life.

Gov. Huckabee has been criticized for discussing the ejection of God from the public conversation. Look as the reality shows that debased values that our parents and grandparents tried so hard to protect. Look at the video games that children are allowed to play that make mass killing acceptable but “fun and exciting.”

Take a look as some of the language that we now find acceptable in conversation. If we can say no to some of the weapons that are the instruments of evil in our society, why can’t we say no to the amoral, atheistic, anti-human decency elements, that are protected under the first amendment.

In the past, our nation was able to recognize elements that were unhealthy and just plain wrong. Common sense just told us it was so. We need to get back to those standards. Maybe we can’t bring God back into the public discussion, but we must bring back the values of God. These basic values, that we have abandoned, once formed the foundation upon which this nation was built and prospered. We need to reject the companies that produce the junk our kids are being exposed to. We need to boycott those who peddle their filth while hiding behind the first amendment. We need to put our money where our mouth is. If we cannot rebuild this foundation I am afraid there is little hope.

Dave R. Johnson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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