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A cowboy mentality

A cowboy mentality

I would like to preface this by saying I am not in favor of gun control but on the other hand I have never felt that the government was going to come to my house and ask for what guns I might have. I feel that is a rumor that gun advocates use to give credence to their cause. Without that fear, they don’t have as much reason to encourage people to go buy guns and pay dues to their organization.

The idea that you are safer when you carry a gun is not as true as they would like you to believe. Several years ago four armed Oakland Police Officers were shot dead sitting at the same table having coffee. I guess if you are aware someone is coming to get you, you might have a case. Otherwise it’s who shoots first that usually is successful and you become an armed victim.

A while back, in Rochester a grandfather, who heard a noise, shot his granddaughter outside of his house. Reading between the lines he had no idea who he was shooting at and she was no threat to him. Calling the police could have prevented this whole sad situation. Incidents in Little Falls and Minneapolis are just as sad. There is no way you can keep guns out of the hands of people who are itching to use them. When people shoot unarmed people, who are no threat to them, one wonders how much regard they have for human life.

We have in our society people who have a cowboy mentality when it comes to guns. If you ask them they will tell you they have no reservations about shooting someone. “Shoot them all and sort them out later,” they say. Tough talk until you do it.

Mike Holst


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