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Greedy winds

As this election is now history and yes, Mr. Obama won, so like it or not he’s president for the next four years. If he’s going to fix our country’s problems he will need help from both partieis. And it’s time they started to work for the good of our country, not what each can get out of it.

There’s a huge debt, slow economy and there are tens of millions of people wo still need jobs. This unemployment would not have been a if not for the 20 to 25 million jobs greedy businesses outsourced. They used the freed trade act to outsource not only jobs, but they also moved factories. Most of the jobs and factories went to China to take advantage of their abundance of cheap labor. They don’t pay any benefits and there are fewer restrictions on business there. These jobs are gone. Yes, gone like yesterday, gone like the 50s Cadillac, gone and they aren’t coming back like so many hopes and dreams that sailed away on those greedy winds of change.

So, our loss is China’s gain. We walk the dragon. Now, long will be his reign. So who do we blame for the greedy winds of change? Look, our world has also changed.

L.P. Schuttes


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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