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There is a difference

There is a difference

The new year brings in much excitement, joy and worries too. Lots of people belive the new year creates places to celebrate, decisions what to drink or what kinds of drinks at each place. My question is why decide on those at all?

Individuals who drink and drive or ride with the one who also has just a few (probably a few too many) whether to drive blocks or even miles. I say this and believe it no matter how much you drink, you still drank and those who worrry about your also worry about the unknown. Who could be included, what might take plan, then again was it important enough to have “just a few?” One drink can create a bad scene, but can you imagine one too many?

I realize whenever people read this article they may chuckle or become upset just because I am not totally against drinking. That’s up to individuals themselves. I worry about innocent victimes, the ones who don’t deserve to become injured by a person who “had a few” or families and friends that live in sorrow over a special person that was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Who is at fault? The innocent or one who believes to be innocent.

This one reason there are strict laws. You drink and then drive someone is going to be hurt. Take a few moments and ask yourelf: are you lucky just because you got home OK? Or are you simply lucky because you didn’t hurt anyone?

Valda Vondall


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