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Younger generation

I’m writing this for everyone who is younger than 30 years old and old enough to understand what the national debt is going to mean to your generation.

I too share in the national debt but I’m older than 70 so the problem will probably outlive me. When you think that my generation and the ones just below me were responsible for this mess it should be enough to make you mad. Long and short we spent your money. We spent your money on useless senseless wars and entitlement programs that took away a lot of people’s incentive to work. In the meantime, while we were spending your money, we left the infrastructure of this nation in shambles so that’s something else you will have to deal with. This is to say nothing of the environmental problems you are going to inherit.

Take a look at Congress and see how much representation your generation has there. None to speak of. It’s comprised mostly of old men and women — at least old in comparison to you. This is new territory my friends. Those who ran this nation before my time did not do this to us.

You need to be very concerned and that is putting it mildly. Don’t take that olive branch they wag at you with free programs and easy school loans. They’re not giving you anything because you’re getting the bill — with interest and you will pay through the nose for it. Tell those old people in Washington to fight their own wars and most of all, pay for them.

If you don’t get involved and start putting pressure on Washington to quit spending your money they will put you in a hole you will never get out of. You might already be there.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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