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Cronyism and favoritism

Why hasn’t Mayor Wallin made a recommendation to reappoint Donald Stang to the Brainerd Public Utilities Commission. Mr. Stang has been serving on the Commission for 12 years. He was an instructor in accounting and business courses at the former Vo-Tech College. According to reports, Mr. Stang has been doing an excellent job on the commission

Former City Administrator Dan Vogt, Sarah Hayden (certified energy manager and auditor for creative energy services) and Lucy Nesheim have also submitted applications to serve on the Brainerd Public Utilities Commission.

Mayor Wallin, who has been an elected official for 32 years, has decided to recommend his friend Lucy Nesheim, a council member for 24 years, to be appointed to this commission.

Based on their resumes and background experience, Mr. Stang, Mr. Vogt and Sarah Hayden all have better qualifications to represent the citizens as a commissioner for the Brainerd Public Utilities than does Lucy Nesheim

In 2012 Mayor Wallin declined to recommend the appointment of a qualified citizen to the Transportation Committee. The Council voted to place this citizen on the Transportation Committee.

In 2011 the Council voted not to approve a recommendation to replace a current member of the Civil Service Commission with a new member. The Council decided the current member was doing the job. Why the need for a replacement.

Won’t cronyism, favoritism and lack of transparency in Brainerd City government be very evident if the Council decides to approve the Mayor’s recommendation to appoint Lucy Nesheim to the Brainerd Public Utilities Commission.

No doubt Lucy wants this appointment because of the family health insurance benefits commissioner members receive. In 2013 the insurance benefits for commission members is approximately $13,000 per year, plus wages of $175.00 per month for attending one monthly meeting.

Bob Olson