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Follow the money

Over a year ago, the Brainerd School District asked the community for more money to help prevent continuing program cuts and increasing class sizes.

Some of us voted for, some against and some were not given the option, as their homes are not primary homes.

Since then the teachers have received a raise, last month the principals were given a “salary enhancement” in which two board members voted against it because they felt uncomfortable with the “enhancement.”

Next in line are the E/A’s and so on. Have any cut programs been reinstated or new one introduced? Has anything been done about reducing class size besides families open enrolling out of the district or simply home schooling? What about having the district simply meet minimal educational standards that it has failed to do over the past five years.

This money was meant to benefit our children and so far everyone has benefited but the children/students.

For crying out loud, there’s so much inquiry as to how the so called rich spend their own money and don’t even have that same curiosity as to how our tax dollars are being spent.

Bill Cruz