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Who's to blame?

Who’s to blame

Who’s to blame if your neighbor’s mentally ill son broke into their garage and took the Corvette that his mother owned, the same car she’d used to teach him to drive, which the media had scorned due to numerous deaths in the past involving Corvettes? What if he ran down his own mom, killing her as he left the driveway, sped into a school zone clearly posted with “no speeding” signs, crashing into a bus carrying 20 children and six teachers leaving on a field trip? What if the bus blew up killing all inside?

Would you blame the “Corvette Owners of America” (COA) car club, even though the driver of the car wasn’t even a member of the COA? Would you call the COA a “terrorist organization,” because the COA must have known that mentally ill people will obtain and drive Corvettes? Would you demand that the COA do something to prevent it from ever happening again...casting blame on all members of the COA, who’ve never even sped in their Corvettes, never had a ticket, never been in a crash, but always drive and care for their Corvettes in a safe manner?

Would you treat them as if they were the ones who drove the Corvette into the bus full of children, demand that their rights to own a Corvette be taken away, even cast blame on those who own cars resembling Corvettes? Would you demand that no one ever be able to buy a Corvette again? Would you cast your blame on people who drive any car, just because you take the bus and you don’t think anyone “needs” a car? Would you demand that more “no speeding” signs be placed everywhere, because surely that will stop it from ever happening again?

Anyone get the message??

Please support our Second Amendment!

Christine Olson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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