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Radon test kits

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opinion Brainerd, 56401

Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

I was pleased to see the article is Sunday’s paper that Crow Wing County is offering radon test kits to local residents. (Radon is a gas given off from decomposing uranium. It causes lung cancer.)


About four years ago we purchased a test kit. We placed it in our crawl space. The test lab we sent the kit to said we had a 26.4 reading. Remember, anything above 4 is considered hazardous.

We then received access to an electronic tester which gave us a 5.9 reading on the main floor, which is still considered hazardous.

Being a do-it-yourselfer since day one (and also cheap) I tackled the job myself. I purchased the vent fan online, bought the plastic tubing locally and picked away at it.

After installing the system and having it on for a few days we retested and got a reading of .2, which I considered an excellent result.

Now a word of caution. You have no idea what your number is unless you test. Neighbors on both sides us of tested OK. What is your number? I just hope it isn’t up.

Joseph Bruhn