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Military pension tax

Military pension tax

Sen. Paul Gazelka and Rep. Ron Kesha have introduced a bill to exempt military pension recipients from paying income tax on that pay.

Their reason? “Military folks can retire wherever they want and they do evaluate whether it makes sense to retire somewhere else.” Hello! The rest of the population is in that same boat, Paul!

Another reason they give is that “...our military is an all-volunteer force.”

With Obama wanting to scale back the military and the fact we are not hurting for volunteers, this seems to be way out of line in today’s economy.

Please, Paul and Ron, give me some reason why you single out the military and exclude police, firefighters, paramedics, airline pilots, ditch diggers, insurance agents, etc.

Or, is this just your first attempt at continuing to unravel the Minnesota economy.

When legislators propose legislation like this, shouldn’t they also be forced to show where those loss of funds will be made up? In private industry, you always show a “cost/benefit.” So far, all I see is the cost to the rest of Minnesota’s citizens.

Craig Anderson


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