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Parasite in Congress

Parasite in Congress

I have just finished reading Laura Hillenbrands book “Unbroken.” I was moved to tears when I read what some World War II veterans went through for their country. It amazes me how these people gave up years of their lives and suffered immeasurably, to keep this country from falling into enemy hands.

Today, members of Congress play with the future of this country with total disregard of their sacrifice. I’m not talking about surrendering our sword to some other country. I’m talking about destroying the country from within and that carries far more shame then losing in battle to some other country.

Those people came home from war full of pride for what they accomplished. Some of them came home draped in the flag they fought for, after giving the ultimate sacrifice. There was nothing more left for them here but a plot of earth but they wanted their friends and family to be free. If they were here today, to talk about it they would say, “As long as this country stays strong it was worth it.”

We have members of Congress right now that are interested in one thing. Victory for their political party. All of the ideals our veterans fought for are being wasted on their own selfish political ambitions and this includes even some of those that have served. What makes a person sell their soul like this? Greed. Greed that is almost parasitical. Because in the end they may win their battle but we will all lose the war and maybe our country with it. We need to vote not for those who bring home the bacon but for those who figure out a way to pay for the bacon we already ate and charged to our kids.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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