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Obama and Clinton

President Obama, who some open forum contributors are calling a “thief,” and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who currently is ‘unlabeled,’ were interviewed on CBS’s “60 Minutes” (Jan. 27). It’s not specified what President Obama is alleged to have stolen, nor to whom it was given.

Obviously he didn’t keep it himself, as he doesn’t have $250 million offshore, nor was his last year’s income $14 million (unearned). He didn’t even give $2 million to his church (cheapskate), allowing him to be named executive bishop, which would’ve allowed him an additional tax write-off (and eventually a tax refund, lowering his effective tax rate below the “customary” 14 percent Republican rate).

Anyway, the “60 Minutes” interview was relaxed and cordial, and “Barry,” as some of his more close, yet conservative, admirers like to call him, said his reason for the combined interview was so he could publicly thank Secretary Clinton for the good job she’s done for four years. (Wait! Now I see! ‘Barry’ gave the money to Hillary! And Bill’s hiding it for them! Those thieves.)

Hussein and Hill, as we liberals call them, spoke about the intense but respectful Democratic presidential primary battle the two of them had in 2008. No hard feelings afterward. Ah, those good old days of innocence.

Nothing at all like the totally insane Party Republican/Tea Pot presidential primary we had in 2012, where the whole country got to see where all this U.S. attitude of gun violence comes from.

Mrs. Palin, the party Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, used ads putting crosshairs on opposition candidates, and making veiled threats of shooting them.

And don’t forget to bring your loaded six-shooters to the town hall meetings, tea pots. You never know when you might need them in a crowded gathering!

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