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Don't tax my care

Please everyone write a letter to your state representatives and state senators concerning the governor wanting to place a tax on everyone’s chiropractic care.

Insurances are enough to deal with concerning their chiropractic limits and what insurances have for their deductibles. I for one chiropractic patient feels this tax is a cost chiropractic patients do not need, nor do the chiropractic doctors need for more paperwork.

Chiropractic care has gotten me out of wheelchair, off crutches and the life I am able to live is all a continuous thank you to the wonderful caring chiropractic doctors I have, as the one I did have and the almost 20 years I’ve had, has been without pain medications.

I deal with fibromyalgia from injuries that had me a prisoner to my home, so useless, so hopeless, until the right chiropractic care was found for me. How lucky I am it’s been here in this area.

I truly believe the governor needs to be educated about chiropractic care as so many people do. It’s not only about back pain but a whole load of symptoms the spine, muscles and nerves can cause and takes time for the muscles to get the strength to do their job and do their jobs correctly and the nerves relaxed. Ignorance has to stop.

It is absolutely horrible the suffering there is when people can’t afford chiropractic care and when they can’t find any doctor to help. This has to stop.

Please help.

Pat Olson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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