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No trapping

No trapping

I read the front page article on Jan. 25, about Birdie, the dog that was killed in a trap.

Nothing on this planet should be trapped. Animals or humans. What are these idiots trapping? They need to find a new hobby. To set a trap and think that an animal or person could be caught in it for who knows how long and suffering probably a slow painful death is barbaric!

Put yourself in that poor family’s place. What if it was your family pet or child? Sure doesn’t sound like Minnesota Nice to me. Knock it off!

And while I’m on the soap box — whoever installed the roundabouts on College Drive please come back and fill in the manhole covers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is trying to avoid them while driving and knocking my tires and everything else out of alignment. Have a great day!

Sonja Coleman


More local editorials

As a regular reader of the Dispatch I would like to make a few comments about the editorial page of the newspaper.

I was a member of the Dispatch advisory board a few years ago. We had about eight to 10 members that showed up for the meetings.

Everyone had the opportunity to voice opinions about the Dispatch. We had some spirited discussions about the content of the paper. We all had a chance to express our concerns about making the paper better. It was a fun time listening to the group as they made suggestions to improve the content.

The Brainerd Dispatch has been a great paper for the area and I for one want it to continue to have a positive influence for its readers.

I would like to make a suggestion. Start writing editorials that local people are concerned about. Monday’s editorial by Mike O’Rourke about the food trucks is a prime example.

Ray Gildow had a program on Public TV about Brainerd High School kids getting directions on how to make decisions concerning career choices. It’s a great project, it needs all the publicity it can get. We have drug problems, educational problems, welfare problems, and a host of others.

The paper has a wonderful opportunity to do some positive things about every one of those issues. Don’t waste the chance to bring positive change to many of the problems we are confronted with each day in our area.

Pat Miller


Don’t tax my care

Please everyone write a letter to your state representatives and state senators concerning the governor wanting to place a tax on everyone’s chiropractic care.

Insurances are enough to deal with concerning their chiropractic limits and what insurances have for their deduct1bles. I for one chiropractic patient feels this tax is a cost chiropractic patients do not need, nor do the chiropractic doctors need for more paperwork.

Chiropractic care has gotten me out of wheelchair, off crutches and the life I am able to live is all a continuous thank you to the wonderful caring chiropractic doctors I have, as the one I did have and the almost 20 years I’ve had, has been without pain medications.


I deal with fibromyalgia from injuries that had me a prisoner to my home, so useless, so hopeless, until the right chiropractic care was found for me. How lucky I am it’s been here in this area.

I truly believe the governor needs to be educated about chiropractic care as so many people do. It’s not only about back pain but a whole load of symptoms the spine, muscles and nerves can cause and takes time for the muscles to get the strength to do their job and do their jobs correctly and the nerves relaxed. Ignorance has to stop.

It is absolutely horrible the suffering there is when people can’t afford chiropractic care and when they can’t find any doctor to help. This has to stop.

Please help.

Pat Olson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
I've worked at the Brainerd Dispatch with various duties since Dec. 7, 1983. Starting off as an Ad Designer and currently Director of Audience Development. The Dispatch has been an interesting and challenging place to work. I'm fortunate to have made many friends, both co-workers and customers.
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