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State gun grab

State gun grab

This week the Minnesota House is hearing legislation on guns disguised as violence prevention. Wake up Minnesota hunters, sportsman, and all others that own firearms. This legislation is about criminalizing guns and ownership not violence.

The legislation makes criminals out of ordinary law abiding citizens and in no way addresses gangs, criminals or violence. The media and proponents would have you believe that this legislation is directed at the guns we see in “Die Hard,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Rambo” or in media reports about our troops in combat. Plain in simple it is not!

Text from HF 241 is below: 3.4 (2) semi-automatic pistol, or any semi-automatic, centerfire, or rimfire rifle with a 3.5 fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept more than seven rounds of ammunition; Section 6 of this same bill makes possession a felony. This means that little Marlin .22 you have had since your grandpa gave it to you or your father gave it to you with a 14 or 17 shot magazine would now be illegal in Minnesota. You by owning a gun makes you a criminal!

Look for yourself: Nowhere in HF237 (Paymar) , HF240 (Schoen), HF184 (Winkler), HF244 (Johnson), HF238 (Davnie), HF239 (Davnie), HF241 (Hausman), or HF242 (Hausman) does a person find anything that addresses violence in our communities, remedies for gangs and gang violence or address criminals. To report or say it does is a sham!

Contact your local State Representative and ask them to vote no on all these bills that do nothing to address criminals and violence but make hundreds of thousands of us law abiding citizen’s criminals. Making ordinary hunters, sportsman and families criminals does nothing to make us safer!

David Anderson


No name calling

Recent writers on the opinion page were on the mark with their assertions of trash journalism. Morris Publications’ scribe Robert Ringer is not very professional. All this name calling started years ago with the emergence of the extreme right. I recall it beginning with the Clintons. Back then it was “Billary and Hillium.” Very creative.

The highlight of Ringer’s column was overlooked. Here’s the quote: “Oh...and so, to, is the possibility of a third, fourth, and fifth term — and beyond! — for the media-invented president whose arrogance now has him focused on making 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue his permanent address.” What a statement! How wacky can one get? This clearly defines the far right — a.k.a. the Tea Party. This party includes anyone that rejects scientific fact, evolution, climate change, the true age of the planet, Obama’s birth certificate, and political reality.

Someone recently suggested the Tea Party change their symbol, the elephant, to the woolly mammoth. The problem with his idea is mammoths roamed North America 3.5 million years ago, and according to the Tea Party, the earth is only 7,000 years old...woof!

This noisy group with their name calling, distortions and fairy tales is a minority, and in frustration they resort to trashy

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comments. The names, “Commie Obammie, Mannequin Mitt and Bolshevik Barry, merely show the writer exposing his bitter pill, and a few other writers on this page should try another pill, a tranquilizer, before expressing their (mostly distorted) views.

Gary Krueger


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