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Vote No on 243

Vote no on 243

I’m a law abiding citizen, I work hard, pay my taxes and vote. Reading this bill (H.F. No. 243) has ruffled my feathers a little bit. I can understand the ban on making or selling high capacity magazines over the counter and putting in place stiffer background checks and penalties to keep guns away from people that should not have access to them.

I also agree with the requirement of training in order to have the right to own one of these guns. I have taken the permit to carry class and also gun training.

More education is probably the best way to change our culture. But to say I would be a felon after Nov. for not turning in a Winchester Model 94 30-30 is a little over the top.

There are certain things that we need to do to help make this country safer. Taking the guns away that I own will only leave me and my family vulnerable. I take offense to the idea of being treated like a criminal because someone else’s beliefs are being forced upon me.

I have been a model citizen and by no right deserve any of this. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground on the issue.

I implore you to use common sense in the matter. Vote No on H.F. No. 243. As far as I can see this bill not only attacks the secondnd amendment, but as far as I’m concerned it would attack the fourth amendment.

I read the bill again, and I would like to amend the following letter, because I saw I can have a lever action 30-30.

Jamie Olson


Editor’s note: Olson sent this letter to all Brainerd lakes area representatives. The following are responses to his letter:

• I want to assure you I remain committed to our second amendment rights. As a sworn protector of our constitution, I am concerned about the increasing encroachment on our second amendment rights. I believe the second amendment is one of the most important rights in our country and guarantees our personal freedom. If any anti-2nd Amendment legislation advances you can count on me to voice my opposition.

Sen. Carrie Ruud

• Thank you for the message. I just want you to know that I am completely on your side regarding the second amendment issue. I will vote accordingly. Keep the faith!

Rep. Mark Anderson

• In my opinion, the DFL majorities are trying to do a massive gun grab. Below is what I believe is the current list of bills going through the House. Let your friends know that they need to contact their legislators. It does make a difference.

I am a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights. Restricting gun rights is always the “knee-jerk” reaction when bad people do bad things. The gun is not the problem.

You can count on my support if and when they try to restrict our present gun rights.

Sen. Paul Gazelka

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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