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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Great truths

Great truths

• “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” George Bernard Shaw

• “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” Will Rogers

• “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free!” P. J. O’Rourke

• “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” Mark Twain (1866)

• “The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.” Ronald Reagan

• “What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.” Edward Langley, artist (1928-1995)

• “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

To sum it up:

1. One cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. One cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation!

Can you think of a reason for not sharing this?

Neither could I.

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