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Sour grapes

Sour Grapes

I wish no ill-will towards Mr. (Guy) Green. I was the first to speak out against ‘The Speak Easy’ with a letter before it even aired. I knew what to expect. I am conservative and agree with Mr. Green on many issues, but his ‘style’ had more KORN than Hee-Haw did. Frankly, it was too preachy for me. Sometimes I’d check to see if I was on KTIG instead of 3WI.

If you’re doing a political show, stick to politics. Don’t try and cram your religion down my throat along with it.

The show occasionally had good guests and topics. However, the constant cliques and poor impressions; Mr. Green acting as though he and Ronald Regan were bosom buddies; a bit much to stomach.

I couldn’t listen to a full show.

A Dispatch reader compared the show to conservative talkers such as Rush Limbaugh — not even close. Rush doesn’t attack as Mr. Green did. Dr. (Michael) Savage didn’t do anything close to what Mr. Green did.

I would think Guy should be willing to take responsibility for his actions. Did he really think he was an ‘untouchable?’ That a person he attacks should sit idly by and just take it? Especially when this person’s business is being attacked?

Did the councilman in question act by using his position as alderman, or react as a businessman protecting his livelihood? Either way it sounds like Guy got his kumuppins, finding those grapes a bit sour.

Wouldn’t you say ‘Dutch?’

“Well, honestly Steve, I think Mr. Green should fight fire, with fire.”

What to you mean by that ‘Dutch?’

“I think Mr. Green should turn to his listeners, have them write to every advertiser on 3WI in support of the show, asking them to pressure the station to return the show.”

Sounds good to me ‘Dutch.’

Steven Wolff


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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