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One of the things I have learned in life is you can teach people to do things — and often favorably — but you can’t make people do things with any degree of good results. That’s why when our government tries to institute their failed policies to people who aren’t interested in them; it usually blows up in their face.

I could write all day about “for instances” but rather than bore you with that, let’s just pick out a couple of my favorites. One of my favorites is the Iraq war. We invented a reason for going over there and invading them and then our government told the American people what an important ally they were going to be after we taught them some manners. Yes sir, democracy installed at the point of a rifle. Anyone want to vacation in Iraq today, 10 years later?

Our governor wants to be seen as a champion of diversity. So in the upcoming construction of the people’s new football stadium he has some new criteria. A certain percent of all the workers must be minorities or women. The construction people say it’s not possible because there are not enough qualified people. So they will have to import them. So in effect the stadium project that was sold as jobs for Minnesotans — because we’re the ones getting rooked into paying for it — now needs to be opened up to the outside, to make points for the governor.

Do you remember when your kids were little and you told them to do something, versus asking them nicely or giving them something in return for cooperating with you. Which of those two things worked best for you?

“Oh what a tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Right on Sir Walter Scott.

Mike Holst


Politicians, taxes

As I sit here early in the morning, I am thinking about the new tax proposals for our great state of Minnesota.

Let me get this right, they are going to give us $500 of realty tax relief but tax clothing, goods and services, etc. I can well imagine that businesses have enough paperwork to do now.

Just who put us in this predicament in the first place? That is right — our elected politicians in St. Paul!

If as we have been told that 40 percent do not pay taxes, per se, then imagine how much more money proposed taxes will be collected.

Just how much more can retirees and minimum wagers take. I, as a retiree, find myself losing ground day by day.

And then we have the federal government proposing more taxes. That’s another subject I won’t go into.

In conclusion, I will state that I’ve seen a lot of government intrusion but what in the hell would I know — I’m 74 years old.

Don Peterson


It’s got its place

With so many school and workplace shootings there is a need to try something to stop it. What is right? What will work? A new gun control law? Maybe. But we know criminals don’t abide by the law.

So if they want a gun they will steal one even if it is from the police or military. This has been done before. As for those with a mental diswability most are no danger to anyone but some can be violent. We should do what we can to keep guns out of their control. Well, I’m not for any new gun control laws. It opens more doors for those pushing for total gun control laws. As a hunter of 60 years, I see no need for a gun that shoots 100 rounds. I’ve been shooting the same gun for all these years. It’s a 32 Winchester special carbine. It holds seven rounds and only two or three bullets have been fired in any one hunting season but still walking away with my game. So I have no need for a gun that shoots 100 rounds. This gun has its place.

L.P. Schultes


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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