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It's got its place

It’s got it’s place

With so many school and workplace shootings there is a need to try something to stop it. What is right? What will work? A new gun control law? Maybe. But we know criminals don’t abide by the law. So if they want a gun they will steal one even if it is from the police or military. This has been done before. As for those with a mental disability most are no danger to anyone but some can be violent. We should do what we can to keep guns out of their control. Well, I’m not for any new gun control laws. It opens more doors for those pushing for total gun control laws. As a hunter of 60 years, I see no need for a gun that shoots 100 rounds. I’ve been shooting the same gun for all these years. It’s a 32 Winchester special carbine. It holds seven rounds and only two or three bullets have been fired in any one hunting season but still walking away with my game. So I have no need for a gun that shoots 100 rounds. This gun has its place.

L.P. Schultes


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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