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Man's v. God's laws

Man’s v. God’s laws

I grew up with the Ten Commandments and I still believe in them. A lot of people don’t, because they can’t make amendments to change them like they do with man’s laws. They want to write thou shall not kill except in cases of… Thou shall not steal except when... Thou shall not commit adultery unless… I could go on.

God’s laws — the ones he handed down to Moses — are still as they were written, way back then. He’s not changing them and no man has the right to either but unlike man’s laws we can ignore them, can’t we? Or can we? I guess we’ll find out someday. In the meantime we will abide by man’s laws and when they don’t fit our lifestyle we will change them and we have, countless times. We will change them so we can do whatever we want.

I like history. I read it and I watch the History Channel often. It intrigues me how people lived like they did back then and what they accomplished and how innovative they were. But then it’s not all about good things is it? It’s about times when they messed up and caused wars and people to suffer. Lessons in life my grandfather called them. Webster says lessons have to do with education. But that’s only true if you learn something from them. The people we have in Congress don’t believe in lessons. They want to find out their own way — the hard way. Too bad it’s at our expense. Oh well, still they won’t look bad in the history books. Because no one reads then anyway and if they do they’ll just deny it anyway. Thou shall not bear false witness against... Wait! That’s the other guy’s laws.

Mike Holst


A created USPS problem

My understanding is that the biggest contributor to the postal service’s red ink is pre-funding for its retirees’ health care, which Congress forces it to do.

Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution states, in part, “The Congress shall have Power...To establish Post Offices and post Roads.”

So, in exercising that power and establishing post offices, wouldn’t Congress have the obligation to fund their operations, despite the Constitution not explicitly stating that it is to support or maintain them, as it does for the Army and Navy?

Bear in mind that until 1970, the postal service was a regular, tax-supported, agency of the federal government. Congress has the power to return it to that format and rescind the mandate, or it can sit idly by and watch the postal service go down the tubes.

Which is the better option for our country?

Brian Marsh


Legislative survey

The 2013 legislative session is now underway and Minnesota still faces a number of challenges — first and foremost, closing a $1.1 billion budget deficit. As in past years, I need your input on a variety of topics to help me make the best decisions for our community and Minnesota’s future.

You can find my survey online by visiting my House website at <> and then click on “2013 Legislative Survey” or by visiting <>. If you would like a paper copy to fill out, please contact my office at 651-296-4333 or email me at <> and we would be happy to send you one.

Please continue to contact me with your questions, concerns, and suggestions for legislation. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Rep. John Ward


District 10A

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