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Advice for a loser

Advice for a loser

I spent some time in a hotel room this past week and one of the stations that I was watching had a crawl that went across every little while said Gov.Perry advises California companies to move south. I wasn’t watching him when he said it so I don’t know the context or the reason that he would say such a thing. He did go through officer and pilot training so I assume that he learned how to read a map.

The only places that are south of California are in Mexico, Central or South America. He would be upset if someone advised Texas companies to move to Mexico.

I do remember that we had a congressman from Texas that worked very hard to make it easier for people to have foreign tax shelters to avoid paying income tax I believe that he was indicted for some campaign practices and I don’t know if he went to jail or not but we are fortunate enough to not have him in congress any longer. Seeing as California’s economy is improving it makes one understand why it was that Gov. Perry was such a loser at farming he bought high.

Now we have former conservative Republican Sen. Hegel isn’t Republican enough to be Secretary of Defense for a Democrat President, since he was beat in the primary by a right wing wacko.

Jesse Nix


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