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Guy Green odyssey

Guy Green odyssey

Guy, I have been trying to get an e-mail through to you since your show has been cancelledd,they always come back as blocked,my question to you is why a talk show host who is well known for telling lies on the air is entitlled to freedom of speach but the person he he is lieing about goes and talks to people face to face and is not entitled to freedom of speech acording to you, MAN up and move on, you did not have a contract with the station and you were on your way out anyway.Truth be known I had more to do with you getting cancelled than the councilman,I will be awaiting your reply.

Mr. Lefebvre can produce no blocked email records. I have never blocked any emails in my life. I am not “well known for telling lies,” as my list of guests - repeat guests as I explained to Ms. Larsen - can attest. 3wi Radio has misinformed the public in the matter of my having a contract, and Mr. Lefebvre has now enlisted the help of the Brainerd Dispatch to spread that misinformation. Does forming an alliance with a man obviously looking to be praised for running a person out of town really make you feel good over there? It is in actuality, of course, pathetic, and quite possibly actionable.

I also received an email from Alderman Scheeler today (Sunday), inviting me to join his “Linked-in” page: From: Gary Scheeler <>; Subject: Invitation to connect on LinkedIn; Date: February 17, 2013 4:41:34 PM CST

To: Guy Green <>; (I have not included the rest of the message. It consists of the response box, under the name of Gary Sheeler. To place that response box in an email leaves me open to having anyone out there click on the response tool and accomplish Mr. Scheeler’s task for him.)

We have heard in our investigations into Mr. Scheeler that he uses social media to intimidate, aggravate, and generally harass his “opponents.” What have YOUR investigations come up with? At the very least, do you not find it a rather odd request for Mr. Scheeler to make of me?

What I find exceedingly odd is for a newspaper, which is ostensibly in the First Amendment business, to take such relish in seeing a radio program fall victim to a lynch mob. Particularly one led by led by an elected official; and a rather bumbling and conniving one at that.

Granted, it is a radio program that regularly ate your lunch, but we didn’t have to tell any lies to accomplish that task. For the town paper and the town council to be so anxious to see somebody run out of town doesn’t bode well for the people. Any of the people. The people aren’t going to sit for this. I certainly am not. I expect to hear back from you today, prior to my going before the council Tuesday night to again put this matter in front of God and everybody. You have a lot of explaining to do.

If your associate editor, Mr. O’Rourke, had done ANY fact checking before allowing this slanderous letter to be published, it might never have seen print. If he didn’t do any fact checking: why didn’t he? The fact that it hit print, whether checked or not, speaks volumes about Mr. O’Rourke’s lack of journalistic integrity and his total ineptitude for the position he holds. Just where does the buck stop at The Brainerd Dispatch anyway?

For a newspaper to take part in a lynch mob isn’t very civilized behavior. I will be looking into very civil remedies.

Guy Green

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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