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To Joe Meyer

To Joe Meyer

I wanted to take a few minutes of my time (which I know is not even a fraction of the time you have spent fighting this epidemic, this vast problem of addictions) to thank you and all of your team for being the people that cared enough about the wellbeing of this town and the people in it, myself included, to intervene in my lifestyle, and help me get through the hardest and hopefully the worst part of my life.

My children and most of my family will probably never know the full impact you had on my life which ultimately directly impacted how theirs will turn out.

I read the article on meth in Sunday’s paper and at the end Joe Meyer said this is a ‘thankless job,’ and basically sometimes you think of not doing it anymore! That’s how it made me feel you were feeling. Please, for the sake of the next generation, my kids, the community’s children and myself, don’t give up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I would also like to say that in my opinion and I’m sure many others’ opinions also that without people like Joe and his team, towns, cities and communities like ours all over the country would be totally taken over by this and other drugs. Teams like this take a huge bite out of the drug world’s side and we should all take a moment to thank these men and women who serve our towns for this cause. Thank you again, Joe Meyer and L.A.D.I.D., for saving me and many others who are afraid to say it. Thank you!

M. Wingert


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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