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Who's to blame?

Who’s to blame?

Keith Hansen: “President Barack Obama and Gov. Mark Dayton have proposed more

taxation of working folks.”

Who are they supposed to propose taxation on - the non-working folks?

“Both leaders fail to see a need to cut spending in Washington or St. Paul.”

That’s blatantly false as both have publicly said that there is a need to

reduce spending.

For some reason, the Republicans are against a balanced approach to solving

our country’s fiscal problem. Wouldn’t a normal family try and do that?

Why is the national debt at $16.5 billion? It’s because CONGRESS, not the

president, chose to spend more than is being taken in from tax receipts. To

blame only the Democrats is ridiculous.

Between 2001-06, which party had control of Congress when the national debt

was exploding due to, in part, two unnecessary wars? It was the Republicans

who were doing the excessive spending.

It’s nothing more than plain old hypocrisy for the Republicans to be pointing

fingers at the Democrats for the national debt increasing, because the GOP

wasn’t complaining about the rising debt when George W. Bush was president.

Strange, isn’t it?

Both parties are to blame for our national debt. We need to pay for that

which Congress has already spent.

Brian Marsh


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