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Supports Alderman Scheeler

I am a resident of Ward 3 and writing this letter in support of my new Alderman Gary Scheeler. I actually voted for someone else but I believe he is doing a good job. I do not think that any citizen should be able to oust their elected officials over a personal grudge. I was relieved that our city council did not permit that Tuesday night. If we start allowing that our city council meetings will turn into chaos. I am optimistic that our new city council will work together and promote the positive things our city can offer to businesses and citizens who choose to live and work here.

I am happy that there are several new members on city council. The ones I spoke to listened and genuinely seemed to care about moving Brainerd forward. Most of them have business, marketing and interpersonal skills that will greatly benefit our city. That is exactly what we need right now and not negativity. We should be able to agree to disagree and still remain civil.

Alderman Scheeler did not start the “Safe Routes to Schools” sidewalk grant. He held a public hearing at Garfield School. Several council members have met with hostility about this issue. How do we find quality people to run for public office if personal attacks are what they have to deal with? The decision to apply for the grant was approved when Alderman Scheeler was away getting an award for his own business success.

At the Jan. 22 council meeting vocal critics of the sidewalks for NE spoke up loudly. I walked the proposed route and found a majority of people on the route supportive of the sidewalk grant. Remember - everyone needs to be heard, even those who cannot show up for city council meetings.

Marcia Ferris

Ward 3 resident


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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