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Word limit?

Just exactly what is your policy on letters to the editor? I thought your stated policy was was a 300 word limit. I have had letters rejected because they exceeded the limit. I noticed that for a while the letters were very short in terms of words. I won’t write something I feel passionate about if its going to be rejected.I do not always write about politics because there are many other issues to sound off on.If your letters to the editor policy changed, I missed it. Please explain your policy and if it is still 300 words adhere to it. In todays paper there is a letter about the VA and it is certainly over 300 and maybe 600 words(I didn’t count them).

I also notice that certain people are granted a shot at a guest editorial. These are not professional journalists from news syndications,but they have a message and you grant them a sounding board..

I would like to make my opinion known, but if my efforts are going to be rejected whats the use.

The Aitkin Independent Age has a 400 word policy and I have never had a problem with them. If your word limit is 300 words fine, then just stick to it.

Pat Williams


Editor’s note: Thanks for your comments. Generally, we like to stick to the 300 word limit, but occasionally, we will allow additional words if we determine that editing down to 300 words would destroy the letter writer’s message.

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