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When does left pay?

Did you know that the lack of a budget gives the president total discretion on where cuts are made? So why wouldn’t he take full advantage, make it as bad as he can and blame it on others?

Obama, via Obamacare is going to give every government department the power to look at every American’s accounts, balances and all transactions without judicial authorization. Is this part of the pain he has in store?

If sequester is so bad, why are they advertising for 5,000-plus new government jobs after the sequester and paying up to $83,000-plus for interns? Yet they can’t afford to keep the White House tours? Why do government employees (276,000 current or former workers) owe over $3 billion in delinquent taxes?

Do you get a pass if you cannot pay your taxes on time? Why are we giving $250 million to the Egyptian terrorist government in addition to F15’s and Abram tanks?

Do you manage your finances by spending money you don’t have and borrowing money that you can’t possibly repay over your entire lifetime? Don’t you reach the point where you cannot borrow any more money?

Could the reason for lack of a budget be to allow uncontrolled spending with no accountability? Could it be to spend like crazy, raise taxes on everyone, and then blame it on others, hoping it destroys the others? Do you like the idea that every single American is in debt to the tune of $48,300 due to this?

Why do all the politicians not have to share our financial pain?

Napolitano releases 2,000 illegal criminals and another 5,000 coming before the sequester was even signed, so how is that a result of the Sequester?

When are extreme left supporters (Hollywood, lawyers, pharmaceuticals, etc.) going to pay their fair share?

Derold Davis


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