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Political label


letter is in reference to the Monday, May 6 article by Mike O’Rourke

titled, “GOP official starts recall petition against Radinovich.”


recently had the opportunity to travel to the Capitol in support of

traditional marriage. I had the pleasure of meeting Doug Kern on this


During our visit, we met with two Senators and Joe

Radinovich, expressing our concern for the future of our state should

the proposed legislation pass that would allow same-sex couples to


The busload of people who traveled to the Capitol was

made up of people who were of different religious and political views.

At no point was I asked which political party I was affiliated with,

though I am not registered with a particular party.


is important for me to clarify for the readers that Doug Kern was not

and is not acting on behalf of his political party in this matter.

While Doug is a Republican, and an official for the GOP party at that,

he is also a father, husband and Sunday school teacher. He has

initiated a recall petition as a concerned constituent, which is

qualification enough.

Steven Bracy