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A matter of trust


you trust Obama, Hillary, Panetta, Holder, Franken, Klobuchar, Nolan,

etc.? Do you have the same level of trust with the IRS?

Do you

now know the IRS has been targeting specific groups and giving favored

treatment to another? You say it was because the groups attacked were

because of tax dodging? There is not a single word being said to

support this one-sided thinking that suggests to me these useless

idiots are totally incapable of independent thought.

Do you know the IRS is hiring 1,900 agents to enforce Obamacare? I thought we are in such severe financial straights

that we have to furlough cops,

teachers and air traffic controllers.

This the same IRS that is targeting individuals. Do you really support this type of activity? If you do, then

you would be perfectly happy if the Republicans won control and started

targeting you. What goes around comes around!

Do you know that Obamacare gives the government and IRS the right to take any

money it deems necessary directly out of your financial accounts without


Either this administration is lying through their teeth or they are so incompetent

they should all be impeached/recalled for malfeasance. Maybe if

Obama got some time away from all his golf outings and super expensive

vacations and spend more time doing the jobs they were elected to do!

Derold Davis