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‘We are Minnesota?’

Wondering who “We Are Minnesota” is? They

have been running radio ads singing praises to Reps. Joe Radinovich and

John Ward. Their name implies they speak for you and me.


praise our representative’s faithful keeping of promises made during the

last campaign. The problem is we don’t know what promises were made to

“We Are Minnesota.”

Wonder what kind of promises caused this

group to spend approximately $19,600 dollars on radio ads over the past

10 days praising them? “We Are Minnesota” is a registered political

committee. Their chairperson is Sharyle Knutson and their treasurer is

Steve Hunter. Their address is 175 Aurora Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. 55103.

They are a political action group, but we still don’t know who

they speak for. Could it be one of the many union groups that supported

Rep. Radinovich and Wards’ yes vote on HF950/SF0778?

That bill was payback for the unions that contributed heavily to DFL candidates in the 2012 election.


taxpayers will spend over $2.4 million in the next biennium and another

$4.1 million in 2016-17 in a state government directed effort to

unionize self-employed day care providers and personal care assistants.

Isn’t it amazing that the president of the Minnesota AFL-CIO

Federation is the same Sharyle Knutson and Steve Hunter is also that

union’s treasurer. Minnesota AFL-CIO and “We Are Minnesota” share the

same address in Saint Paul.

The DFL legislators picked the

pockets of Minnesota taxpayers to the tune of $6.5 million in an attempt

to force day care operators to join AFSCME, the state’s big public

employee union. No wonder this big union is praising our two state


Dale Lueck,