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Stray dogs

Minnesota is a beautiful state, with lakes, trees, animals and friendly people.

However, it’s still like the wild West in some ways.

At nine months pregnant with my first child, I was out walking my dogs and an old man had his rifle pointed at us. The DNR truck was sitting there and saw whole thing. Nothing was done other than telling me to go home.

On June 23, my neighbor shot my dog (who had accidentally gotten out of my garage) with a rifle. The report by the sheriff was torn up or lost. Typical Minnesota justice system. Something needs to change.

I’ve found many dogs running loose on Highway 210, I found the owners and they were returned safely to their homes.

I’ve picked up a loose dog at the Pillager school. I took him to the city hall. He was returned to his home.

A red lab was running loose one night and spotted her earlier begging for food at a local restaurant. I took her to HART where they checked her for a microchip, which she had and returned her to her home.

A deaf dog was bumped at gas station, one day.

My beloved Rottweiler, Polo was 10 years old, nearly blind and friendly with kids, other dogs and people in general. He was wearing his collar and tags the day he was gunned down.

What do you do if an animal shows up on your property?

• Check if the animal is OK.

• Search for identification. Take it to a vet or Heartland Animal Rescue Team facility to check for a microchip.

• Contact the owners.

• Call city hall or the police department.

There is no need for violence or killing.

Jessica Kirby


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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