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A heartwarming photo

A heartwarming photo

After I saw the photograph taking up the entire front page, with no news article, and Scripture reading from Isaiah, I had the thought that it would bring considerable comment and letters to the editor! I have not seen even one. I figured there would be dozens, or at least a dozen, voicing readers’ opinions. I wish I could have been a mouse in the corner, when discussions took place. Was the subject of political correctness mentioned in your decision to run this photo of Christians worshipping at a candlelight service on Christmas Eve? My first thought was that countless letters would reach you, all of a positive nature, commending you for such a beautiful photograph, capturing the true meaning of the Christmas season! I am so surprised that I have seen nary a comment about it! Why not? Did you at least get phone calls?

I want to express my awe and gratitude that this front page was so poignant and dramatic. So much more than worshippers holding the lighted candles is conjured up in the symbolism of this photo. How fortunate for the Hennessey family to have such a wonderful documentation for what they may have considered a simple activity on Christmas Eve. The symbolism, not only of this holy season, which does get lost in our world today, but the symbolism of a precious family making very special memories, for themselves and for their children, speaks volumes from the page. It is very heartwarming.

Thank you so much for making this front page one that stands out far above any I have ever seen!

Happy New Year!

Jerry Kester


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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