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We should learn from history

Learning from history

Congratulations, Mr. Passi. Great “Reader Opinion” article on the book “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith. I was contemplating writing a similar article, but don’t believe I could have said it nearly as well as you did. I was also going to write about Edward Gibbon, author of the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire,” as both of these books are kind of related as far as economics, government and leadership. Now that you wrote your article, I will just give some background information as I imagine most people probably thought or are thinking who are these guys? My guess is they are not mentioned in today’s school history/economics junior high/high school classes. Smith and Gibbon both were born in the 1720-30s and died in the 179’s. They were both men of great intellect and are part of a collection of books called the “Great Books.” If people are interested they could look them up on the “web.” As I have stated in past articles, if people are not willing to learn from history the mistakes that previous civilizations have made, then history will repeat itself and people will just be left wondering what went wrong, why it went wrong and how come we didn’t see it coming. One other point, with the first volume of “The Decline and Fall,” published in 1776; Gibbon was attacked because of his discussion of Christianity. Now does that sound at all similar to today’s culture?

Gregg Struss


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