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More socialistic handouts

Tuesday’s Dispatch had an article in it stating that the Justice Department just authorized $8.3 million dollars to be used “to assist victims, witnesses, and first responders in the Boston Marathon bombings, funds that will help address physical and emotional injuries suffered by an estimated 1,000 people.”

What about us poor saps that suffer from the emotional injuries of watching the government again single out a group to provide welfare?

What happened to the job description that the first responders read before they applied for their jobs? Did they forget to put in that there may be situations that would require their assistance to a disaster?

And what about our requirement for Obamacare? If we don’t need it, why is it forced down our throat? Shouldn’t these “witnesses” and “residents of the neighborhood where a gunfight between the suspect and police took place ... ” have insurance to cover these traumatic events ... just like the rest of us have?

Our government is losing our faith in it when we see Socialistic handouts like this.

Either get rid of the requirement for insurance, or get rid of handouts. You can’t have both!

Craig Anderson

Rural Brainerd

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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