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There's a need for birth control

There is a simple answer to world hunger is out there, if people would just use it. It is called birth control. As the world is getting over populated, in fact, the world population has doubled in the past hundred years, and today, there are 150,000 babies born every minute of every day. This number goes up with each passing month.

The problem is, far too many countries have let their population outgrow their country’s ability to produce the food needed to survive. There is a great need for birth control now, before we all run short of the needed food

and resources.

There are religions who don’t believe in using any type of birth control, claiming, “it is a sin,” as if God told someone to go forth and multiply.

Well, I doubt that any human had to be told to have sex. We can either start using birth control, and soon, or we will have world hunger far worse than the world has ever seen. No, it won’t be the wrath of God that ends mankind’s reign on Earth. No, it will be man’s obsession with sex that will lead to his demise.

Is there still time for a change? Now that the die has been cast, can we break the mold or is it too late?

Leon P. Schultes


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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