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Health insurance help?

Health insurance help?

Minnesota families are being savaged by Gov. Dayton’s version of Obamacare — MNsure. Here is just one example of MNsure creating more problems than solutions. Prior to Obamacare this Minnesota family with three children shared the cost of their Blue Cross-Blue Shield family health insurance policy 50/50 with the father’s employer. Obamacare caused that policy to become unaffordable. After endless hours of working with MNsure here is what this family ended up with.

Without the parent’s consent, the children were jammed onto Medicaid at no cost to the family, but 100 percent cost to the taxpayers. The father had to go with a single insurance plan with his employer and purchase a separate policy for his wife.

Today they have three different insurance policies. The adult’s deductibles have doubled, co-pays have sky-rocketed. The cost of the adult policies is about equal to the old policy that covered the entire family. Their family dentist does not accept Medicaid, they are now dentist-shopping for the children.

This proud, responsible, self-reliant family had always paid their own way. In addition to hurting this families’ self-esteem by having others pay for their children’s health insurance, the new high deductibles and co-pays have seriously damaged their financial well-being. To add insult to injury President Obama and Gov. Dayton are counting this family as one of the uninsured families they have provided health insurance for.

How do we fix this? Stop the social experimentation with people’s well-being. Help those that truly need help and stop the wholesale destruction of a system that most agree has some flaws, but is still working for the vast majority of Minnesotan’s that are capable of paying their own way.

Dale Lueck


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