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Vote Republican? I don't think so

Vote Republican? I don’t think so

In response to the letter written Jan. 11, she said we should vote Republican. I’d like to remind the letter writer that Republicans are the people who cut food stamps to the most vulnerable, babies and seniors; cut money to head start programs; and refuses to extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed.

There is one job for every four openings. The Republicans shut down the government costing taxpayers $24 billion dollars. They closed health clinics that gave mammograms, pap smears, prenatal care, etc. They tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act that gives people health insurance who couldn’t afford it before. Insurance companies can no longer cut you out because of a pre-existing condition. You can keep your child in your plan until they are 26.

The Republicans also want to get between decisions that are between a woman and her doctor. Vote Republican? I don’t think so. Yes, I am a Democrat and a Catholic and pro life. Pope Francis has said we need to take care of the poor and our most vulnerable people.

Mary Jane Krmpotich


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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